Sunday, October 22, 2006

Good Show on the South Side

Picture this...50 people crowded into a rectory basement, hanging on every word of a dedicated young Notre Dame architect from Columbus Ohio, talking about the crowning achievement of a dedicated architect from Notre Dame, albeit 80 years ago. To top it off, the crowning achievement is up the stairwell, and across the garden, an architectural masterpiece waiting to be restored. Henry Schlacks is making a comeback in Hyde Park.

Who was there?
The Clergy from the Institute of Christ the King; several highly energized young architects/architectural students/Holy Whapping from Notre Dame; the undeniable Joe McHale-the grandson of an architect even more prolific than Schlacks-Joe McCarthy; a group of traditional minded Catholics from Wayne, Illinois who had met a ICK priest in France and wanted to see what is going on; about 20 parishoners who attend the Latin Mass at the Rectory basement; a smattering of architectural buffs a few locals from the neighborhood, and a carload from the north suburbs who just came for the food (including a cake from Oscar-from St. Stan's and the Shrine of the Divine Mercy)

How can you help?
A great recommendation from Msgr Schmitz is to pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy at 3pm each day to seek intercession from Our Lady.

How can Our Lady Help?
One of my favorite parts of the litany is the Help of Christians, of which Our Lady is certainly up to task. Perhaps her intercession may induce you to:
1) Attend Mass at the

Shrine of Christ the King
6415 South Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637-3817

2) Volunteer your time and labor to restoring this marvel

3) Send a check to Cristina Borges at Christ the King, formerly of EWTN, now leading fund raising at ICK

4) Spread the word. Contact Crisitna for more details

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