Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Northwestern Student Notices Mindlessly Ugly Buildings

Just when I had given up on anyone at Northwestern noticing that most of the buildlings put in over the last 30 years are hostile to humans, Kevin Reich in the Daily Northwestern notes

"Windowless sandblasted concrete buildings sprouted on the new land, completely disregarding the Lake. East Coast and West Coast students criticize NU by saying they "miss the beach," failing to realize that it's one of the only schools actually on the water. In a bizarre twist of fate, a parking lot was built on the southern end of the Lakefill, offering the campus its best views of Chicago."

In the coulda shoulda woulda section, what if a lake facing Northwestern kept going with the style of Deering Library? Great Lake location, calm campus, good access to the City, all merit Architecture centered around humans rather than concrete.

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