Sunday, May 20, 2007

Catholic Mass/Presbyterian Church

OK, maybe 220 years ago, we would be knocking each other on the head for this, but the Presbyterians in Wilmette are showing a real knack for the Catholic Mass.
The First Presbyterian Church of Wilmette performed Mozart's Missa brevis in G this morning, and performed it beautifully and reverentially. I am not familiar enough with Presbyterianism and the teachings of Calvin and Knox to get much historical perspective on this, but logistically it worked pretty well, considering having a Catholic mass sandwiched in a Presbyterian service is a bit unconventional.
Speaking of unconventional, Joe McHale, grandson of Joe McCarthy mentioned that his grandfather most likely built 1st Presbyterian under an assumed name, and it does have all the trappings of the Great Chicago Ecclesiologist.


Publia said...

We are all so ecumenical now! KUC did Hayden's Nelson Mass yesterday. And don't read too much Calvin and Knox, or your blog will be showing all the great Protestant churches around town!

JB Powers said...


The great Protestants would have to find time to unlock the doors to the great public worship spaces of our Christian Brothers to show the fine interiors.

SFx is open, St. Joes is open, St Athanasius is open. Trinity United Methodist was open the other day...How about Kenilworth Union? St. Augustines? First Congregational? Community Church of Wilmette? Holy Comforter?

Why did our grandparents spend all their loot to build such marvelous Churches? To keep them locked up 24 hours a day?

More Open Churches Please!


Publia said...

KUC is open, but you have to go through the office. Keep going on past the main doors into the next set of doors.

You should do a post on your "Open Churches" plea. Most protestants probably figure if they want to pray, they can do it at home.

I enjoyed the diversity of your synagogue post; your blog is getting more interesting all the time!