Friday, October 05, 2007

Joseph Molitor's Passionist Monsatery to Close

The Holy Cross Province of the Passionists, at 5700 N. Harlem Avenue in Chicago have put their Monastery up for sale. The Monastery, built in 1904, was designed by legendary Chicago Architect Joseph Molitor, who also made the gems SS Cyril and Methodius, and Holy Cross (a featured Church in "Heavenly City").

The Monastery resembles others from that time period, such as Barat College, and Loyola Mallinckrodt, however, the chapel was de-beautified in some post 1968 madness, weakening the historic significance of the structure.

I propose this: If it is sold and torn down, please let the Passionists (as opposed to the Nuns at Barat and Loyola Mallinckrodt) get paid for their property. If it can be preserved, how about using the Monastery as a public space?

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