Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Arts and Crafts Perfection in Wilmette

I spotted this picture on a local news blog of a local architectural gem, described as

"Italian Renaissance Style, hip roof with dentils and ornamental frieze at overhangs, classical stone pilaster at entry, stone quoins at corner, columns and arched stone false loggia at east wing" all the things that make this type of construction so solidly American and beautifully placed in Wilmette, in one of the great neighborhoods for architecture in Cook County.

Be advised, however, if you were considering purchasing this beauty, the owner is indicted felon Tony Rezko. It should have been a red flag when an IIT grad lives in such a classically beautiful house, but that is for the courts to decide.


Publia said...


I hopped over to see if you had something for the election and you didn't dissapoint! Wonderful post.

Happy Super Tuesday!

Joe Zekas said...

Some of us think that Rezko isn't a "felon" until he's been convicted, and that his family ought not have their address made quite so public.

You obviously don't have any qualms about convicting someone before the courts do.

JB Powers said...

Hi Joe,

My statement is that he is indicted as a felon, not that he is convicted as a felon. Sorry for any confusion.

His address was published in the SunTimes, which has a higher circulation than this blog. His address is also available on many publicly available lists of political donors.

The point of the post was to praise the beautiful home, which is somewhat ironic for someone referred to by Hillary Clinton as a "Slumlord".