Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update from Springfield

After multiple phone conversations with people associated with the project at Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Springfield Illinois, I can report the following:

1) There are pleasant (even Orthodox) people working on this project.
2) There are unpleasant people working on this project
3) Changes to the High Altar have not been finalized.
4) Changes to the Altar Rail have not been finalized.
5) The design of the new Altar has not been finalized.
6) Per the Architect, the drawings on the internet are accurate.
7) Statement 6 conflicts with statements 3 and 4. If the drawings are accurate, the High Altar is smaller, and the altar rail is now curved.
8) The Liturgical Design Consultant working on this project tends to make things look like a living room at a wealthy person's house in around 1980. Slick, secular and needing a redesign within 10 years.

My suggestion to the general public:

A) Donate generously with conditions attached that the High Altar be kept in tact, Altar Rail kept in place, and if you're in the mood, leave the pews and baptistry alone.
B) Contact the Bishop/Diocese politely to express your support for traditional architecture
C) Attend any information sessions held by the Diocese to express your support for traditional architecture.

My suggestions to the Hierarchy

A) Adhere to the Liturgy without fashion.
B) Adhere to the Liturgical intent of the original architect, Joseph McCarthy
C) Provide accurate, consistent information to the public about this project.

As always, I recommend prayer and fasting.

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