Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Unanimous: 1200 More Condo's Available in Wilmette

In near complete disregard to the residents, tenants, and taxpayers of Wilmette, the Wilmette Village Trustees unanimously appproved a new zoning district for the 4th and Linden neighborhood, allowing 1200 new condo units to begin construction.

Despite lack of parking, saturated roads, and the vocal disapproval of an overwhelming majority of the incumbent residents and businessmen in the neighborhood, the Wilmette Trustees decided that a dogmatic adherence to "green living" is worth the consequences of greater traffic, longer commutes and congestion.

Neighbors have begun a petition drive to stop the upzoning. Without any apparent irony, the trustees thanked the high level of participation of residents of the area, which the Trustees ignored.


Anonymous said...

no apostrophe in "condos" please. Its a plural not a possessive

JB Powers said...


I think it is optional, as condo is short for condominium. It shows the distance between condo.....minium..s without a stream of dots.

In a conversational piece such as a blog, I am going to leave to the author, in this case myself, as to when to include apostrophes for shorthand notations.