Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Trials Of St. Boniface

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The Tribune highlights some of the recent distress at St. Boniface on the near northwest side.

I have been attempting to keep St. Boniface standing for 7 years now, with some major ups and downs. I'll offer 5 tonics to the Tribune story gin.

1) The $25 Million number is absurd. I could rebuild 2 of the new Shrine in LaCrosse Wiscsonsin for that price, and have quite a bit of money to spare. It does not do much to instill confidence when a spokesman conjures up ridiculous numbers to overstate the case.

2) On the other hand, there are quite a few people at high levels in the Archdiocese who want to see this structure put to good use. If the right team is put together, I am sure the structure will stand, preferrably as a Church.

3) Making condos out of the Church was a terrible idea. Dealing with some highly questionable real estate speculators on a sacred structure is no business for the Archdiocese of Chicago.

4) The Church itself is awesome. Here are some previous posts on the Church.

5) The structure could be cleaned, secured, and sealed for a $100,000 or so. In this current real estate cycle, holding the Church in a reasonable condition should be considered.
I'll quote myself

"The heathens fell upon them and murdered Boniface and fifty-two companions (according to some, thirty-seven)": I suppose when you are being attacked by heathens, 15 companions can make a real difference. At St. Boniface in Chicago, we could use at least 52 companions in getting Henry J. Schlacks faded masterpiece back into shape.

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Mark Scott Abeln said...

With Catholics being persecuted in Iraq and India, perhaps numerous new immigrants could use a church, or many urban churches like these.