Friday, February 06, 2009

Holy Name Update

I went to the Cathedral (Holy Name) yesterday. The fire was pretty much contained to one area of the roof. There were still a troop of firemen (smoking cigarettes and theorizing) who did a very fine job at not wrecking the Cathedral while putting the fire out. Fr. Matt Compton, formerly of my parish, and a Mundelein Seminarian studying with Denis McNamara was one of the heroes of the fire and has a new appreciation of St. Agatha the patron of protection against fire.

Here are a few snapshots.


Anonymous said...

Are there any pictures of the Cathedral of the Holy Name before Cardinal Cody's "innovations" circa 1968/1969.

I have vague memories of the old high altar there as a little boy, as well as banks and banks of candles at shrines no longer there.

JB Powers said...

I have seen a few shots, but not a definitive photo set. I think it was at the Art Institute in the Burnham library.

The murals were very good, and appropriate for the structure, as was the stained glass.

The shrines were not coherent with the building, but beautiful in their own way.

Trying to get photos from the archives is like pulling teeth. They are staffed by some sort of fundamentalist muslims who think that photos take your soul with them.


Lisa Small said...

Thank you very much for posting this. As a former Chicagoan (Mundelein '80) now living near DC, I could not get enough news here to satisfy my concerns about the Cathedral. Your blog took care of that.