Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nashville Dominican Sisters' New Chapel

The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville have been undergoing tremendous growth in recent years, and have brought their new chapel almost to completion. The chapel was designed by the Washington DC firm of Franck, Lohsen, McCrery (www.flmarchitects.com) with interior appointments like the altar and baldachino designed by Granda Liturgical Arts. Many have known for some time that the joyuful prayerful spirit of the Nashville sisters has led to a great surge in vocations for their community, and now they have a new chapel worthy of the new springtime they are seeing in their community. A great sign of hope is not only that the sisters have built a beautiful chapel, but that they hired design architects who were classical specialists, not simply local architects who "play" classical or design "strip mall classicism." Even within the project, the difference in architectural knowledge can be seen between the literate sophistication of the architecture of the building itself and the "pretty good" design of the altar baldachino which departs some from proper usage of classicism. All in all though, a wonderful achievement. Congratulations to the sisters!

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Marcus Scotus said...

I've just started a blog called "The Catholic Arts Directory" (http://catholic-arts.blogspot.com/) about current artists, architects, and others who do traditional design. If anyone has any good links for this listing, please feel free to email me.

I am also looking for co-editors for the site.


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