Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Depression hits Wilmette

To add company to Denis Mc's misery in Steubenville, while walking around central Wilmette this afternoon, I decided to call on every church I walked by, and take some interior photographs. There are some Prairie Beauties, The Community Church of Wilmette and First Congregational; a Gothic Masterpiece (most likely Joseph McCarthy's) High Anglican Styled, Trinity United Methodist (pictured above right), and the English Country Episcopalian St. Augustine's (pictured above left).

None of these are open.

None of them answered the door when I rang.

This is perhaps the least likely village in America for a homeless person to wander around, and the doors are locked tight.

The community is loaded with loot, the churches are masterpieces, and they are absolutely NOT open to the public. So much for the redeeming nature of a church.

I am contemplating a call to (the very Anglican) Andrew Lloyd Weber to ask the Open Churches Trust to prod the Protestants in Wilmette to get their church doors open. I predict an answer along the lines of "tell those heretics to open up and accept Christ". Will keep you informed.

To add to the universally depressing nature of my post, the Wilmette Catholics are also flunking at ministering to the public; I just picked today to visit our brother churches. Here is one currently very sad Wilmette convent, in its Glory Days. Perhaps Lord Lloyd Weber can give the Jesuits a rap on the knuckles while he is at it.

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