Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pallazo Barberini becomes Feehan Library

Uno dei più importanti e sontuosi palazzi della nobiltà romana. Iniziato da Carlo Maderno nel 1625 per volontà di papa Barberini, e continuato poi dal Borromini e infine dal Bernini che lo condusse a termine nel 1633, then reconstructed in 1929 as the Feehan Libray at the University of St Mary's of the Lake at Mundelein Seminary, in Mundelein Illinois. The exterior? American Colonial. The interior, Roman Piazza, in the true style of an American Roman Catholic, Cardinal George Mundelein, and his favorite archtiect, Joseph McCarthy. All these shots from a photo-shoot today with Robert McKendrick at the library. And as you will appreciate, McKendrick is a much better photgrapher than I am.

Here is a shot of the rear of the building

And the marvelous ceiling.
With a Palatial Staircase

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Palazzo Baberini John, Palazzo....