Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Score 1 for Wilmette

Another walk around Wilmette, and (Trumpets Sound!) a Church was open. St. Francis Xavier had an open front door, dim lights, and bright altars, highlighting Joseph McCarthy's low slung beauty and the built version of the Sacred Liturgy. If you happen to be at 8th and Linden in Wilmette, come in for a visit and don't forget to take a gander at the Parish School next door.

Barry Byrne's Granadan Square structure highlights some awesome brickwork, and a level of attention to detail sadly missing in the modern school next door. I include a few shots of the St. Francis Xavier Parish School, and point you to a fine site about the brilliant Barry Byrne. Note that the School looks quite a bit like St. Patrick's in Racine, Wisconsin, also a Brick Masterpiece.


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