Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nifty Insignias-Where did they Go?

Anyone out there collect scripts and insignias from Religious and Fraternal Clubs? Thought so. I am guessing that about 50% of our readers do in fact. Take a look at these. They have a stature and importance greater than simple initials, gained soley by mise-en-scene, and thoughts of grandeur, very faded in the case of the Alpha and Omega from St. John of God, and the faded jewel of a hotel, the Congress Plaza, while the St. Louis Cardinals always are a contender, in art and in Baseball.

It there more on this? Is there a name for this artwork?

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Mark said...

Are you familiar with the amazing ceiling in the Divinity School at Oxford? Insignias galore!

Here's a photo I took of it (Excuse the long link.):¤t=PC010003.jpg&refPage=60&imgAnch=imgAnch76