Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Scottish Rite Cathedral

Yes, we do shy away from Masonic Architecture at the SSB, but the reason involves minimal mischief, rather, the buildings are just locked up so tight that you cannot get inside. Chicago's Scottish Rite Cathedral, the beautriful Masonic Temple, formerly the Chicago Unity Temple was open today, thanks to our good friends at the Newberry Library.

A Venetian Gothic landmark, with a madhouse of attached Mansions, subfloors, dressing rooms, this is a real must see in Chicago's Gold Coast. Yellow Joliet Limestone, similar to Holy Name and St. James Cathedrals, as well as the Water Tower, beautiful, primitive Arts and Crafts Stained Glass, and a magnificent organ all dazzle the visitor.

The stage/altarpiece is very Moroccan/Arts and Crafts Style, somewhat similar to St. Pascals, while the woodwork is quite similar to the fine Venetian carvings in the Chicago Athletic Association.

Anyone want to see more?

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