Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quigley in all its Glory

Quite a shot here of Quigley Preparatory Seminary in 1925. UPDATE Zachary Taylor Davis (not Joseph McCarthy's) St. James Chapel just finished, as the highest steeple in the neighborhood, 4 inches above Fourth Presbyterian (so legend goes).

Tonight Cardinal Francis George honors the Friends of the Windows, a group I am proud to be a long time member of, for its restoration of the Stained Glass Windows in St. James Chapel, with a reception at the Cardinal's Mansion, where, not coincidentally, the Cartoon (sample) windows for St. James Chapel are now installed in the Cardinal's Private Chapel.

Neil Ball, the great Presbyterian devotee of the Built Liturgy has lead this effort for over 10 years now, with amazing fortitude and perserverance, culminating in its completion this year. There is no greater supporter of the St. James Chapel than Neil Ball. All signs look good for continued public access to St. James Chapel and the Crown Jewel in Chicago Architecture.

As Cardinal Egan recently said on a visit to his alma mater (Quigley, that is), St. James Chapel has never looked better.

More on Quigley to come.


pathickey said...


That is the same Joseph McCarthy, a student of Daniel Burnham, who designed Leo High School.

I had a hell of a time trying to get any biographical data on this energetic - prolific - artist and his contributions to Catholic Chicago.

JB Powers said...

Hi Pat,

Denis McNamara writes a great deal about Mr. McCarthy in the Heavenly City book. The Mundelein archives have some information, as do the (generally inaccessible) Archdiocese archives. The Art Institute does not have much.

Joe McCarthy's grandson Joe McHale is very much alive and living in Chicago. He is a walking encyclopedia (on college basketball as well as architecture history) and all-around good guy. I have his contact info, if you would like. You can email me offline at


phampants said...

The best thing any person can do in the St. James Chapel is sing the "Salve Regina" in Latin. This best honors all Quigley grads throughout the years. We learned it as freshmen, sing it throughout our 4/5 yrs at Quigley, and graduate with the Salve as our last song sung.