Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Temple of Commerce

Here is a decent set of architectural photos on Flickr. There is some artistic nonsense, but many good documentary shots, showing details in the City of Chicago. The Tiffany Mosaic at Daniel Burnham's Marshal Fields/Macy's shown here, struck me as a good shot, balanced and detailed.

There was a comment on a similar shot in that this type of decoration seems more suitable for a Church, which got me thinking. Is it? Burnham was a fascinatingly spiritual character, somewhat maligned in his Swedenborgianism, but also driven to make inspired archtiecture, in much the same way that his fellow Swendenborgian Johnny Appleseed was driven towards his highly energetic tree planting.

I am not sure Burnham specified or designed this mosaic, but it sure does look one of the highest church temples of Commercialism.

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