Monday, July 16, 2007

Did Preservation Actually Work?

Notoriously corrupt, obsessed with Foie Gras, leftist by degree, dictatorial by nature, the Aldermen of Chicago have been (accurately in most cases) called many things. However, in Brendan Reilly, we have at last found somemone moderately concerned with the public nature of the built environment. Reily put the squeeze on developers wanting to crush Jarvis Hunt's 1927 marble clad Lakeshore Athletic Club, owned by the notoriously history-hostile Northwestern University.

Yes, the ordinance stinks, and yes it infinges on property owners making right minded people dependent upon a vile bunch of crooks to preserve Chicago at its most beautiful. But, in this case I can only thank Alderman Reilly for maintaining a lakefront gem. Three Cheers for Brendan Reilly!

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