Thursday, August 23, 2007

De-Christianizing Wilmette

In an effort to rid Wilmette of any outward signs of Christianity, developers in the Park District sponsored spendall at Mallinckrodt continue to cover any reference to Christ, Mary, or the fact that the Sisters of Christian Charity once had a huge convent and school in Wilmette.
Gone are:

1) The Cross atop the steeple
2) The Chapel, converted to housing units
3) Marian statuary and grottos in the adjoining park
4) Textual reference to Maria Immaculata
5) The beautiful stained glass from the Chapel and porch leading to the chapel
I was involved in trying to maintain the Liturgical Elements from the Chapel; not that I am much good at such things, but this one was outlandish. The building was sold to the developer for a song. The village claimed that they had to remove all Christian symbols from Park District property (Hmm...does LaCrosse Wisconsin need to remove the "Crosse" from its name) An agent of the developer tried to ransom the stained glass to my foundation and a Priest from the west suburbs. The developer claimed he could not make enough money if he did not destroy the chapel (heard that one a few times). The developer then uprooted 20 huge 100 year old trees. The village stepped in to demand "affordable" housing, so that people making 100K+ could get others to pay for their residence.
This is one botched project, and the botch is on the taxpayers of Wilmette and the many generous donors to the Sisters of Charity and Loyola University over the years. (Then the same thing happens in Lake Forest 2 years later).


Publia said...

"Vengence is mine," says the Lord; "I will repay."

It will be interesting how this one plays itself out, as I don't doubt those words for even one minute.

The Dover Beachcomber said...

Did anyone photograph the stained glass and other architectural elements before they were removed or destroyed?