Wednesday, August 22, 2007

If St. Louis is Rome, is Belleville Florence?

Friend of the Society of St. Barbara blog Mark Scott Abeln has some stunning shots of the Cathedral of St. Peter in Belleville Illinois. If you haven't already, please visit his blog at

which showcases one of my favorite cities, St. Louis, in much the same way as St. Barbara's showcases Chicago. Mark posts a series of photos of the

which really make the St. Peter's look awe inspiring. Yes Mark, St. Louis, the Society of St. Barbara considers St. Louis the Rome of the West, but does the analogy make it that Belleville would then be the La Belle Florentine?


Mark Scott Abeln said...

Thank you for your kind words!

I am thinking of driving to Chicago for the Institute of Christ the King's 40 hour devotion on September 14-16. Would you have any recommendations of a few photogenic churches nearby that I might visit? Also, I will be driving from Saint Louis, so do you know of some notable churches in downstate Illinois along the way?

Publia said...

Check out today's online Wilmette Life,wi-mallinckrodt-082307-s1.article

Wasn't there a promise made the people of Wilmette to keep the chapel in Mallinckrodt?

"Big columns rise out of living rooms toward soaring vaulted ceilings, in condos being built on floors that cut across the once-majestic chapel."

I figured you would know and maybe write about it.

JB Powers said...


Can you please contact me directly about taking some photos on the way up 55? I have a few ideas that may work out for publication.