Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Baron of Lake Michigan or What to do in Milwaukee


Denis McNamara has convinced me to make a pilgrimage to Milwaukee to see the Vatican Exhibit. Milwaukee, nicknamed the Baron of Lake Michigan celebrates a great German Heritage with fine architecture, restaurants and a cheerful
community. When travelling to Milwaukee how about:

1) Stop at the Basilica of St. Josaphat. Constructed from the stone remains of the Old Chicago Post Office, this is one of the most grand churches ever assembled. Sparkling, majestic, devotional, this is the temple of Milwaukee Catholicism. The Franciscans may take a bow.

2) Brunch at Cafe Sopra Mare at the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, 2220 N. Terrace Ave. This David Adler designed Renaissance Villa on Lake Michigan commands attention to design and presentation of the urban community. If you are there in the evening, stay for a lecture on Garden Tips

3) Have a glass of what made Milwaukee famous at the Pabst Mansion, the former home of the Archbishop of Milwaukee and (the founder of PBR). The gift shop in the Mansion is the extinct chapel of the Archdiocese.

4) Stop in St. Francis, the first city south of Milwaukee, to see the Seminary and an entire town names for a great Saint.

I will enjoy my visit to the Baron of the Midwest and I hope you enjoy your's as well.

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Emily said...

The public library in Milwaukee is also worth seeing, architecturally.

When you see St. Josaphat's, be sure to take note of the doorknobs. They are also from the old Post Office.