Thursday, February 23, 2006

Whiting Indiana, Whiting Indiana, Whiting Indiana

Pardon the Music Man, but driving back from Notre Dame this morning, the industrial landscape is widely regarded as bleak and doomed, thus all the better for the beacon of Heaven's incarnation on Earth to show as brilliantly as St. John the Baptist in Whiting Indiana. Big, brawny, Polish, and a Herman Gaul masterpiece, I stopped for a tour and visit. Sparkling interior, typical of the best Polish Churches, and as well built as her sisters in Chicago, St. John the Baptist, and the beautiful Parish School next door, find a dramatic context in Northwest Indiana.


Anonymous said...

St John the Baptist Church was founded, financed and built by the Slovak immigrants in Whiting Indiana. Slovak not Polish.

JB Powers said...

My congratulations the Slovak community for building one of the fines Churches in the Midwest, if not the entire United States. St. John the Baptist is a wonderful testament to the faith and organization of our immigrant forefathers.


Anonymous said...

St John the Baptist is a Slovak
Church. Hello??????????