Saturday, February 25, 2006

Restoration 2-Welcome to Chicago, Illinois

Cardinal Henry Stuart-Duke of York (a job now held by Prince Andrew), died in 1807 , some 15 years after the failed Irish Revolution of 1792 and 25 years after the successful American Revolution (no word on the Henry Stuarts feelings on the rebellions). Via the failed Irish Revolutions, punitive laws prohibitting Catholic Landowning in Ireland, millions of Irish take to the new countries of the United States and Australia (among many others), some ending up on Adams and Halsted in Chicago, at the then new Old St. Patricks in 1846.

As Ireland's own Catholic Churches had been disassembled or destroyed by the occupying British Armies, architects, such as Augustus Bauer and Asher Carter of St. Patricks, drew on the Roman Architectural tradition to develop Chicago's Irish parishes. Holy Family on Roosevelt and May was designed in the same period with even greater grandeur and European heritage. Central and Western Illinois were (and still are) populated with numerous St. Patrick's as champion of the Irish immigrants seeking wages, land ownership, and additional religious freedoms.

The buildings themselves had very little Irish heritage to draw upon, leaving the church designs to flow from the general Roman Catholic church building tradition. The Restoration of the Church began in earnest as an inspired vision to connect to the broad sweep of Catholicism.

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