Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Great Ornament at the Shedd

Forget the slimy aquatics at the Shedd Aquarium; Check out the Grand Ornament. Dan Mitsui over at the Lion and the Cardinal has some great shots of the Graham Probst Anderson's Shedd Aquarium showing fine ironwork and other bastions of traditional architecture (vs. Dirk Lohans tumorous 1991 addition). I always cringe at the Second City inferiority complex of claiming such buildings are "Beaux Arts". Chin up Chicago Cultural Establishments, the building is Chicago Style and awesome, needing no Frenchified qualifiers.

Here is a shot or two. Dan has more on Flickr.
Here is John Shedd's (2nd President of Marshal Fields) Mausoleum from a comment section on Dan's Blog

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