Wednesday, June 13, 2007

St. Paul of the Cross Park Ridge

Here is St. Paul fo the Cross in Park Ridge Illinois. Built, suprisingly, in 1951. This may be one of the last Churches in Chicago that in the All-American Style of Joe McCarthy's reflections on European architecture combined with Colonial/Georgian. Again, comes out as purely Chicagoan.
Park Ridge was a relatively new suburb at that time, 1951. Still has a very nice downtown, busy shops and theater. Generally, the Catholic Churches in the Suburbs are not as brawny as the Chicago neighborhood churches, as evidenced by this subtle beauty. Anyone know the architect? It was not on the cornerstone. Sure looks like Joe McCarthy, from a pre WW2 design.
Penalized 1 point for being locked up tighter than a holding cell, in one of the most pedestrian and pleasant suburbs in Chicago...all this with literally hundreds of people walking by the Church Campus, perhaps, like me, imagining the interior of the Church.

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