Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Stone's Throw Away from a Masterpiece

I was all set to take a shot at the Art Institute of Chicago, loading up with a post about the teardown of the George Maher designed wing (thoe old Goodman Theater) that is making way for the toe of the heinous Milenium Park, then going on to smite them for being the "artistic" advisors to the iconoclasty that nearly ruined Holy Name Cathedral (you cannot ruin the majestic ceiling)..and thus has tormented the Archdiocese for nearly 40 years of destruction of the sacred, when...somehow or another, the Art Institute has pulled in the Lorenzo Ghiberti bronze doors from Florence’s Baptistery.
These are really something else (understatement) and haven't really travelled much (understatement again) over the years and they are coming to town on July 28. Aside from Chicago, there is nothing much like Florence for art and architecture. I'll take the doors at Our Lady of Pompeii vs. the 12 hour + flight to Florence, but welcome the Florentine Masterpiece to the Windy City and recommend all visitors stop over at the Shrine to Our Lady of Pompeii to see a beautiful Chicago flavored version of the Florentine Original..

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