Thursday, August 17, 2006

Church Architecture as Heaven On Earth

The Liturgical Institute at Mundelein Seminary will be hosting a conference on Catholic church design entitled "Heaven on Earth: Theology and Design of Catholic Church Buildings" on October 25-27th, 2006. If you or someone you know is building or renovating a church and wants to learn how to re-connect with the architectural tradition of the Church, please recommend this conference to your pastor or architect. The web site tells the theme of the conference:

"In the great tradition, the Church has understood that a church building is an 'earthly heaven.' This sacramental building makes present the realities described by St. John in the Book of Revelation, where the Angel of the Temple gives a tour of heaven, revealing its golden, jewel-covered walls and angels and saints singing the praises of the Trinity (Rv 21:15). Always more than a meeting house, church buildings use art and architecture to make this hoped-for vision of our heavenly destiny knowable to the senses, ļ¬lling churches with the “signs and symbols of heavenly realities” (Sacrosanctum Concilium, 123)."

Speakers include architect Ethan Anthony of HDB/Cram Ferguson, historian Denis McNamara, theologian David Fagerberg, church decorator Jeff Greene of Evergreene Studios, iconographer and theologian Fr. Thomas Loya, fundraiser Rita Perrett, architect William Buckingham of Keefe Associates, theologian Rev. Mark Daniel Kirby, O.Cist., and Christopher Carstens, Director of the Sacred Worship Office ofthe Diocese of La Crosse.

Beuatiful churhces are possible--come and find out how!

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