Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What made Wisconsin Famous: Eugene Liebert

This could only happen in Chicago.

I wandered into Prairie Avenue Books today looking for a Dover Edition on Brick Patterms for the Restoration of St. Boniface (certainly a busy man, you might note), they had it in stock, and Beth, the manager knew exactly what I was looking for. I note that PA Books sells Sacred Architecture Journal, and it sells out each issue (they should order more, you might note). In the window of the store I noticed this book, Eugene Liebert: Teutonic Style in the American Midwest.

Big photos, brick-by-brick massing, commercial, residential and ecclesiastical architecture at its Wisconsin finest. Only available at Prairie Avenue Books. I also ran into Bill Hasbrouck, biographer of Louis Sullivan, whittling away at a new biography of Dwight Perkins (my neighbor if I were around 80 years ago) that Bill is writing.

Take a look at more Liebert. This is one of the outstanding, if unknown American Architects. Unknown, that is, outside of Prairie Avenue Books. At left is his Maria Angelorum Chapel in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, a Catholic Powerhouse if there ever was one.

Please patronize PA Book for this outstanding publication benefitting the Franciscan Sisters of Perpertual Adoration.


Marcus Scotus said...

Amazing. Thanks!

D said...

I'm ashamed that I'd never even heard of Prairie Avenue Books. I'll definitely pay them a visit soon.