Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pardon our Dust! Evanston Crushes School

Evanston, the city with the "toughest" preservation ordinance in the USA, continues its race to the bottom in destruction of the Prairie-Gothic National Louis University today. Baker Demonstration School, the new owner of NLU, wisecracks, "Pardon our Dust" while cranes take down a 100 year old structure and its adjoining trees.

There is really not much use of any preservation ordinance, when structures such as these are taken down without a peep from the Evanston City Council. Add this to the threat to the Swedish Theological Seminary, and Henry Schlack's Evanston Civic Center, the demolition of the Covenant Methodist Church, and the demolition at Three Crowns Retirement home. It adds up to the most aggressive destruction of Architectural Heritage in the United States, outside of Hurricane Katrina.

Anyone for a nickname change from "Evanston: The Annointed City" to "Evanston: Condo's and Crackhouses"?

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