Friday, March 09, 2007

The Chicago Athletic Association, the former owners of the Chicago Cubs, is closing its doors after a 117 yr + run as one the pre-eminent Gentleman's Club's in the world. Businessmen, Politicians, Journalists, and even Athletes called the CAA their home away from home in one of the architectural marvels of Skyscraper design. Henry Ives Cobb does a Venetian Splendour on the shores of Lake Michigan (before the infill) and with a great view of Lake Michigan (even after the infill).

Here is a tip of the hat to those that wanted to make Chicago more than just tolerable, rather the world champion of architecture. There is nothing quite like the Michigan Avenue facade of this building.

I took some apt snapshots at a literary lunch today of the Catholic Citizens of Illinois, who were championing a renaissance in Catholic Literature with none other than Joseph Pearce as a guest speaker, telling histories of Chesterton, Waugh, Greene, and Belloc.

A luxury hotel will come into this facility, and we wish them well, and continued public access to this Architectural Marvel.

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