Thursday, March 01, 2007

Three Arts Club

Holabird and Roots 1914 masterpiece The Three Arts Club at 1300 N. Dearborn, has been sold to a botique hotel firm. The mosaic tile and stonework are legendary for their detail and match to function of the building (woman's artist residence). The Club itself has been down on its heels for some time now, and was not able to provide much in the way of residence or clubbishness to its constituents.

I am projecting greater access to this jewell, albeit at a cost, as the developer is also behind London's Brilliant Soho House.


clem said...

I am with the Friends of the Three Arts Club Association, a group dedicated to the Three Arts Club as a home for women in the arts.

I do not know where you have received your information, but the Club was thriving, full to capacity, running in the black, and a wonderful place for women from all over the world to live.

It was a wonderful residence with women from all over the world who came to Chicago to partake in music, dance, theater,writing, and visual arts.

The women formed and international sorority or network dedicated to the expression of beauty, truth, peace, and thought, as expressed through the arts.

About 5 years ago, The Club's Board of Directors and managment became infected with people disloyal to the mission and prone to fiscal mismanagement. They embarked on a $32 million real estate scheme for which they had no funding and which did not properly serve the nonprofits mission of being a home for women in the arts.

Our group has asked the Illinois Attorney General's office to remove this Board and rescind the sale.

from Sue Basko

JB Powers said...


My reference was only to the shutdown club not being open to the public. I applaud your campaign and wish you well.

Barat College is going through much the same thing, as is the Chicago Athletic Association. The "Trustees" of these places may not always be acting in the best interests of the constituents.