Saturday, March 03, 2007

More from Deering Library

Took a couple more shots inside Deering. The Gothic Lamps are awe inspiring...the University Club and other Prairie Goths should take note as to matching the fixtures with the buildling architecture. I am going to bring the Nikon next time, this place is just brimming with architectural details inside, and one the least viewed areas of the entire Northwestern Campus

The Deering Library is open to the public. The (very good) Art Library is inside. It is complex to get into the Deering Library itself. Go through the main library entrance, explain to the ball cap wearing youth reading graphic novels at the turnstyle that you would like to visit the Deering Library, he will mumble something that sounds like a Ruritanian folk dialect word for tunnel. Enter the (heinously ugly) Main Library and take a left. There will be two signs for the Deering Library. The one on the south leads to a locked door, but the the sign on the north is pointing in the right direction. You go down a stairwell, then back up two flights to see this stunning work.

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Lee Gilbert said...

Yes, I agree, Deering Library is stunning, but you may be interested to know that Frank Lloyd Wright called it, " a pig on its back."