Friday, March 16, 2007

Shopping in the Spanish Renaissance

In the 1920's there was a movement in Chicago (and Pasedena and Santa Baraba) toward a (mostly imagined) Spanish Mediterranean Style of Architecture, with lots of smooth white stucco, red tile roofs, arches, stone carvings, and many of the elements that make buildings welcoming and pleasant to humans. Mostly imagined because on the Spanish Mediterranean, buildings do not actually look like this, nor do they have steel frames, and roofs slanted to withstand snowfall. Nonetheless, in 1926 Architect Edwin H. Clark built a grand theater and entertainment district in No-Mans-Land an unicorporated area south of Kenilworth and on the North Side of Wilmette.

The Spanish Court, to be renamed the Plaza Del Lago the grand development of Arhcitects Keck and Keck and Edwin Clark, stands today as a beautiful connection to Lake Michigan and the leafy suburbs of Wilmette and Kenilworth.

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